85% of a rabbit’s diet should be made up of long stranded fibrous hay to help keep their digestive tract and teeth in tip top condition. Here at the Binky Shop, we use a mixture of up to 6 different types of top quality branded hay which is dust extracted for those buns who suffer with respiratory problems. The hay we use offers foraging opportunities to combat boredom and encourage our fussy hay eaters. The hay also helps to promote dental health by promoting chewing on the fibrous forage inside.

Burgess Excel Fresh Forage – This hay consists of additive free, natural dried grass to encourage natural foraging behaviours. The hay is full flavoured to encourage fussy hay eaters.

Fibafirst® This is a complete food, therefore it’s addition to our toys is minimal and purely used on a treat basis. Rabbits love it and due to its natural and fibrous nature promotes dental and digestive health.

Natural Binky tables – Our tables are made from kiln dried pine for the legs and exterior ply for the tops. They are strong and sturdy offering exercise through climbing and play and are safe to chew.

Hessian/Jute – Quality loose weave fabric used to make our Binky Treat Bag for easier chewing and access to the surprise within. This fabric is also used on our completely natural Binky Table and Activity Toy.

Burgess Chamomile Herbage – A tasty Timothy hay with added Chamomile. A good source of fibre with calming qualities offered by the Chamomile.

Burgess Excel Herbage is a sweet smelling, long fibred timothy hay with the addition of Marigold and Dandelion, suitable for all small animals. This hay encourages foraging behaviours observed by rabbits in the wild. It helps to alleviate boredom and promotes the natural chewing action which keeps teeth nice and short.

Painted Binky tables – We use Lakeland paint which is 100% safe for animals to chew. It's the only range of totally solvent-free paints available anywhere in the world today and has been independently tested to reveal 0.0% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Green Fleece – A quality, brightly coloured fleece used for hide and seek on our Binky Tables. Also occasionally found on our Activity Toy.

Alfalfa King 100% Timothy Hay is a green sweet tasting hay which is dried naturally in the sun. This hay is excellent for encouraging even the fussiest of hay eaters to eat more hay.

Dried herbs, flowers & fruit – We use a mixture of dried herbs, flowers and a little fruit in our Binky Toys to encourage foraging, keep the bunnies interested and prevent boredom setting in.

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foraging products.

Wood Slices – We use natural, dried slices of common silver birch, Hazel and Willow which offer loads of chewing abilities.

Binky Sign – Painted, decorated mdf, tacked onto the surface of our Binky Tables avoiding any use of glue.