The Binky Bell is a cardboard pot stuffed with our standard dry ingredients. Finished with a loofah slice and dried apple ring. Decorated with barley rings and apple wood pieces, a pine cone and a jingle bell. This toy enhances problem solving skills and stimulates the senses as bunny has to smell the treats, encouraging them to nibble through the pot and loofah slice to release the tasty treats. Hanging the Binky Bell will make it much harder to access the dry ingredients and really test your bunny’s skills. This toy is suitable for both rabbits and guinea pigs.

Binky Bell

  • Standard treat Ingredients included which may promote health and well-being:-
    The freshly cut herb which is added to this toy is predominantly parsley, with a little mint and dill and sometimes a piece of lavender. The Dried ingredients are: Echinacea, carrot & apple pieces, dandelion, raspberry & blackberry leaves, banana chips, apple rings, marigold, rose, and Timothy hay.