This toy consists of a tennis ball sized waffle ball stuffed with dried ingredients, timothy hay and fresh parsley and mint, topped with a dried apple slice and a chunky wood slice with barley rings added to the bottom of the ball. This toy may be reused as it is completely refillable. When hung, this toy encourages problem solving by knocking the ball to release the treats and the wood addition helps to keep the teeth trim. This toy is suitable for both rabbits and guinea pigs.

Binky Boredom Ball

  • Standard treat Ingredients which may promote health and wellbeing:-
    The freshly cut herb which is added to this toy is predominantly parsley, with a little mint and dill and sometimes a piece of lavender. The Dried ingredients are: Echinacea, carrot & apple pieces, dandelion, raspberry & blackberry leaves, banana chips, apple rings, marigold, rose, and Timothy hay.