The Binky Willow Surprise is full of never ending foraging fun for rabbits and guinea pigs!


It is made up of:


  • 2 Kiln dried blocks
  • A slice of heavy duty cardboard tubing filled with 2 barley rings and a silver birch wood round
  • A willow wigwam and a pine cone to finish it off.


The Wigwam is filled with;

  • 4 Hazel wood rounds
  • 2 Barley rings
  • 3 different types of Timothy Hay
  • Dried apple pieces
  • Marigold flowers
  • The leaf and plant of echinacea, dandelion, nettle and plaintain all packed into the wigwam and held in place with one slice of natural loofah threaded onto sisal string.


If the willow wigwam survives it can be refilled with your choice of goodies! 

Binky Willow Surprise