Introducing the Rabbit Deluxe Binky Table 🎉



The new and very popular table designed for bunnies who love to chew!


This Binky Table is made from;


  • Kiln Dried Pine
  • Screws - nothing else, no glues of any kind.
  • It has many different toys attached to it which are made from vine, willow, hazel rounds and pine cubes to keep our bunnies entertained.
  • In the centre is the usual central hanging toy comprising of pine blocks, hazel rounds and either a willow hyacinth or seagrass ball.


This table is available either with a few treats found in hiding places or without the added treats, the choice is yours. The treats will be barley rings.


Size 35.5cm (L) x 25.5cm (W) x 21.5cm (H) approximately.


Rabbit Deluxe Binky Table Size Small